Trying to stay EPA compliant is never easy in the field. From inspections to testing, it can be a fulltime job to keep up with this information in addition to having a staff that is up on the latest laws and regulations. HB NEXT is your construction support partner for environmental services. Did you know they are one of the largest environmental inspection companies in the U.S.? Imagine having that expertise on your project.

HB NEXT offers several EPA compliance services


Do you have a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan that is EPA compliant?

On-Site Environmental Consultants

HB NEXT offers on-site environmental coordinators and other staffing positions for your short-term projects. Take advantage of the HB NEXT expertise.

HB NEXT offers SequenceSM Stormwater, the latest field data management software, for managing your data and keeping your project out of the courtroom. Did you know HB NEXT offers Legal Services to assist you in the courtroom with your violations and penalty fees? Don’t let the latest changes in EPA laws and regulations take your profits.